Selecting The RIGHT COVID-19 Inmate Release Lawyer

The laws, procedures and likelihood of success in obtaining the release of an inmate with heightened susceptibility to death from COVID-19 vary widely depending on where the inmate is incarcerated. To maximize your chance of success, it is extremely important to hire the right lawyer. In the case of coronavirus inmate release, a lawyer who only practices criminal law is NOT necessarily the best choice.  We believe that the best procedures available to obtain the release of inmates in New York are handled in a civil court, which has works completely differently from a criminal court.

Since opening its doors in 1995, LeNoir Law Firm has represented numerous people in New York State’s criminal courts AND civil courts.. Our knowledge and experience in both civil and criminal matters makes us ideally suited to choose from ALL available options to obtain an inmate’s release.

If you are concerned about an inmate dying from coronavirus infection in New York, we encourage you to call LeNoir Law Firm immediately to learn about the multiple legal methods available, in both New York’s criminal and civil courts, to secure the release of COVID-19 vulnerable inmates.

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