Bail Setting, Reduction and Elimination

Selecting The RIGHT COVID-19 Inmate Release Lawyer

The laws, procedures and likelihood of success in obtaining the release of an inmate with heightened susceptibility to death from COVID-19 vary widely depending on where the inmate is incarcerated. To maximize your chance of success, it is extremely important to hire the right lawyer. In the case of coronavirus inmate release, a lawyer who  … Read more

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Our Strategy for COVID-19 Immediate Inmate Release through Habeas Corpus

Every one of the over 50,000 people incarcerated New York State’s prisons and jails (not including federal and private prisons located in New York) is susceptible to dying from COVID-19 (the pandemic caused by the “novel” coronavirus discovered in 2019) in the extremely tight conditions in which they are forced to live. Although the inmates  … Read more

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